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Our groundbreaking platform is designed to streamline every aspect of your solar sales - from initial customer engagement to project completion; all with just one login.

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Sales Velocity: Your Solar Sales Accelerator

Lead Management

Our system efficiently captures leads from all of your sources and offers customizable views and pipelines to make nurturing each prospect painless and easy.

Seamless Onboarding

Upon becoming our customer, rest assured that our commitment to you does not end. Our premier service guarantees seamless onboarding, ensuring your organization is well-integrated into our platform. Enjoy unlimited access with our customer-centric billing structure, which aligns our success with yours.

One-Click Design Tool

Proposals are now easier than ever with our advanced AI design tool. Add in utility details and with one click get a fully designed system. Have a more complex system? No problem, we have a comprehensive manual design feature as well to accommodate all types of system requirements.

Financing in a Flash

Access multiple financing solutions—lease, loan, cash options—in one place for quick project financing. No more gathering quotes from different partners; our platform delivers instant quotes. Finalize the quote, qualify the homeowner, and expedite contract signing in one seamless process.

Dynamic Proposals

Easily explore and share your dynamic proposal with our integrated tool. Each proposal is dynamically updates with your company information and details from the design, savings and financing options chosen. Our proposals even offer direct financing credit qualifications for the homeowner. Share effortlessly via live link or send via email for a personalized experience.

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