Enhancing AI Design Accuracy: Introducing SubcontractorHub AI Edit Mode

SubcontractorHub’s AI design tool now includes the edit mode feature, offering greater flexibility and precision in solar installation design. This transformative feature gives solar businesses more control over their design, ensuring that each solar layout can be adjusted according to a customer’s specific needs. It also allows sales representatives to correct AI design tool errors without having to switch to the more complex manual design tool.

With the edit mode feature, SubcontractorHub is ushering in a new era of efficiency, customization and accuracy in the solar design landscape. Using edit mode, sales representatives can quickly adjust AI-generated designs, bypassing the time-consuming manual design process. This efficiency enables them to deliver precise proposals to customers, avoiding delays that might jeopardize a sale. For instance, if the AI tool incorrectly positions solar panels on a home's roof layout, the edit mode empowers sales reps to correct the solar array placement promptly.

The capabilities of SubcontractorHub’s AI edit mode -

Adjusting panel sets aids sales representatives in realigning solar panels with the roof if the AI tool has inaccurately assessed the roof area.
 Rotating solar panel sets enables sales representatives to orient them properly for optimal energy efficiency. Aligning the panels with the correct azimuth ensures that solar customers maximize their energy production from the installation. The AI tool will remove solar panels that do not fit within the roof layout after rotation. 

Enhancing AI Design with Editing Capabilities

Transforming and Streamlining AI Design with Edit Mode

Edit mode within the AI Design tool offers SubcontractorHub users the ability to provide streamlined services without compromising on design quality.  Courtesy of this update, users gain more control over their design process without having to train for manual tools. This feature is highly beneficial to solar businesses, boosting the efficiency of sales operations, and leading to an increased close rate with higher customer satisfaction. 

Let’s take a look at how the edit mode feature works so that your sales representatives can start using the tool. 

Start by following the usual AI design process and generate a solar layout. Once the solar layout is generated, users can edit panel alignment by clicking on the edit icon. The panels are then shown in edit mode with a calculate button. Sales representatives can use edit mode to move and rotate the misplaced panel set so that it is properly aligned with the roof layout. Remember that following each edit, users must click on the calculate button to recalculate the annual production in the solar details section. When the design is complete, click on the “Next” button to save.

SubcontractorHub's AI design tool sets a new standard for customization, revolutionizing the solar sales landscape with its efficient and precise design capabilities. This groundbreaking feature is redefining the integration of AI in solar businesses, enabling sales representatives to cater to customer needs seamlessly with minimal effort. Interested in discovering the potential of edit mode for your business? Schedule a demo with SubcontractorHub now to explore our advanced AI design tool and the innovative edit mode feature in detail.

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