Filter by List View: Enhance Your Lead, Customer and Project Management

At SubcontractorHub, we're dedicated to innovating and providing comprehensive solutions for your solar sales process, ensuring we are your go-to partner for growing your solar business. Our platform offers a full suite of tools designed to streamline every stage of your sales journey, from lead generation to project management and invoicing.

We're thrilled to introduce a feature update: the "Filter by List View" for Customers and Leads. This enhancement focuses on customizing your experience to meet the specific needs of your role within the organization. It allows for the creation of personalized lists of leads, customers, and projects that can be sorted and filtered by most fields located on each of the objects. This list view can be created by admins, who can add, edit, or delete any list, ensuring a tailored approach to list management.

This innovation is particularly aimed at adapting to the varied requirements of different users within your organization, providing data that’s directly relevant to each individual's tasks and responsibilities. It reflects our commitment to delivering a multi-tenant platform that offers a personalized experience for every user. Sales teams, for example, can now focus on leads generated through referrals, networking, or consultations, streamlining their workflow and enhancing productivity.

Additionally, the "Filter by List View" feature promotes role-specific access and collaboration across your organization. Admins can set up and assign default lists that cater to the distinct needs of different roles, from salespersons to managers, facilitating seamless access to pertinent information. By enabling the sharing of these customized lists among various roles, we further support team collaboration and communication, aligning efforts towards common objectives and strategies more effectively than ever. This update underscores our commitment to not just providing a tool, but fostering an environment where every user's workflow is optimized for success in the solar sales industry.


Enhancing Efficiency with Filter by List View

Filter by List View is a superior feature to individual filter options because it gives you more control and flexibility over your lead and customer management. With individual filter options, you can only apply one filter at a time, and you have to repeat the process every time you want to change the filter. This can be tedious and time-consuming, and it can also limit your view of your leads and customers. With Filter by List View, you can create and save multiple lists based on different combinations of filters, and you can access them anytime with just one click. This can save you time and effort, and it can also expand your view of your leads and customers.

At SubcontractorHub, our commitment goes beyond providing tools; we are dedicated to offering you the best solutions to foster the growth of your solar business. Filter by List View is a testament to this commitment – an advanced feature designed to elevate your efficiency, collaboration, and overall business success.

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