Effortlessly Share and Sign Contracts with SubHub Sign

Signing contracts online removes the need for scheduling an in-person meeting with the involved parties, saving time and resources. As a continuation of our commitment to sales velocity, SubcontractorHub has developed an e-sign integration with which organizations can easily create custom contract templates, send out contracts online and sign them digitally. While other e-sign integrations require dedicated time and resources, SubcontractorHub has ensured that organizations can create, share and sign documents from one place. This new feature has been released for BETA.

Benefits of Integrating SubHub Sign

  • Streamline the process of sharing and signing documents, saving time and removing the need to schedule an in-person appointment. 
  • Add document templates and map fields with ease. Our e-sign feature is easy to set up without leaving the SubcontractorHub platform. 
  • No need to invest in a third-party e-sign platform, our seamless integration comes at no additional cost to you.

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Effortlessly Set Up Your SubHub Sign 

Here’s how you can implement SubHub Sign into your organization and get started. Request that the SubcontractorHub team provide you with the SubHub Sign token. This token will be unique to your organization. Use the provided token to connect the SubHub Sign integration with your SubcontractorHub account. 

Once SubHub Sign has been successfully integrated, you may begin by creating a document template in the Contract Document tab. When creating a template, add the template name, email subject line and email body content. Choose whether the document is for the proposal module or the project module. Upload the contract PDF and add recipients, then save. 

Once your template is complete, continue by mapping fields with a simple drag-and-drop functionality. Choose the recipient from the drop-down menu and add fields which the recipient will have to fill out. You can select if the fields are required or not and also change the text format of a field according to your needs. Field types include name, signature, initial, checkboxes, static fields and more. 

SubHub sign templates can be cloned in order to create a copy of a document template and edit it. Once a template is cloned, the fields of the template must be mapped. The cloning feature ensures that you can manage your ocuments and make adjustments with ease.


A complete document template can be added to SubcontractorHub’s database as an HIC contract by using the UUID. Simply add the document template to the database, choose the HIC document type, input the UUID, then input other relevant information. If the document is a project or change order document, mark the corresponding checkbox. After filling out the template information, save it. It is important to note that a cloned template will have a different UUID than the original template it was cloned from.

Once your document template is ready, you can go ahead and start signing with SubHub Sign. SubcontractorHub users can elect to send contracts to recipients via email or open the contract in a new tab for signing with the provided URL. From there, recipients can adopt a signature or create their own and sign their contract online. The first recepient will have the option to add the contracts to the attachments section of the proposal either as a combined document or as separate files. Once the signing process is complete, the recepients will receive an email notification. To this email a downloadable completion certificate will be attached. For contracts that have been signed via SubHub Sign previous to the new completion certificate functionality, a new completion certificate download button has been added to the e-sign activity tab.

Effortlessly streamlining the contract signing process, SubHub Sign enables organizations to save time and resources by eliminating the need for in-person meetings. With its seamless integration into the SubcontractorHub platform, users can create, send, and sign documents efficiently. Experience the convenience of SubHub Sign and accelerate your deal closures by booking a SubcontractorHub demo today!

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