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Why LightReach?

Choose LightReach for a smarter, more efficient, and consumer-friendly approach to solar financing.

Boost Efficiency

Eliminate duplicate data entry by streamlining financing on one system. Our unified approach ensures no more dual-entry,increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

Financing Flexibility

Prioritize success with a focus on FICO scores, not DTI. Qualify with a 650 credit score and a 7-year lookback with the option to buy after 5 years for improved financial freedom.

Smart Profitability

Enjoy competitive kWh rates without sacrificing commissions. LightReach offers the best of both worlds - cost - effectiveness and profitability.

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Offer Homeowners the Very Best in Solar Services

Offer your customers the bill-beating solar benefits they seek without the investment cost. Homeowners get a comprehensive 25-year Protection program with LightReach financing plans. If production falls short of the 90% mark, LightReach guarantees credit for the difference. Add LightReach financing to proposals in just a few clicks and share instantly with homeowners.

  • Unbeatable Integration- Unlike others, LightReach, integrates any solar battery brand or combo your customer chooses.
  • Consistent Monthly Payments- Solar production may vary, but your customer's payments remain predictable and low.
  • Zero Maintenance Hassle- LightReach installs, maintains, and services solar systems at no extra cost to your customers.
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Choose LightReach for a smarter, more efficient, and consumer-friendly approach to solar financing. Access SubcontractorHub through our LightReach partnership and unlock an exclusive rebate*

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