Roofing ProcessDesign Proposals in under 5 Minutes

1. Measure Roof Area

By entering the address, you will be redirected to the property area. Now you can easily draw roof squares for a home and instantly get measurements for facets and gutters with an estimate of the total area.

2. Get Material List Quickly

Receive a complete required material list along with quantity and price. You can also customize it according to your needs.

3. Obtain Professional Proposals

Acquire a job winning, attractive & well organized proposal to share with your clients. That’s it! You’ll be ready for your next order!

Product FeaturesGet accurate aerial roof measurement reports and quickly turn them into stunning proposals to send to the customers

Customized ROOFS with featured TOOLS


Customized ROOFS with featured TOOLS

Get access to our featured tools in order to create simple, attractive roofs. Create the perfect roof space design every time using squares, lines, and different edge tools.

Share detailed proposals to finalize deals


Share detailed proposals to finalize deals

Get a structured proposal instantly from predefined cost databases. We offer an easy download option, or you can share it with clients via email or DocuSign.

Grow business with integrations


Grow business with integrations

SubcontractorHub provides integrated tools through which you can connect with other websites such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, and many more. These integrations will simplify tasks and make them more accurate.

Familiarize yourself with easily accessible dashboard


Familiarize yourself with easily accessible dashboard

We value your time and effort, so we have designed the dashboard in such a way that the roof installation process can be streamlined from planning to completion.

SubcontractorHub Pricing Plan

per customer
(0 - 250)
per customer
(250 - 500)
per customer
*Disclaimer: Customer is defined as any individual address.


Price Varies By Scope Of Work

Flexible onboarding pricing tailored to your business's size.

Design Tools

Self Design Tool
Design Using Other Integrated Tools
Design Using Subhub AI
Precise Error-Free Designs
Accurate Energy Production Estimate


Create and Customize Proposals
Add Materials As Per Job Type
AI or Self-Design Tool Options
Multiple Financing Options
Set Up Discounts
Effortless Proposal Sharing
Allocate Dedicated Managers
Convert Proposal Into Project


Share Contracts Multiple Ways
Manage Customer Information
View E-Sign Activity
Update Customers In Real-Time
Set Up HOA Details


Self-Financing Options
Diverse Lending Options
Flexible Financing
Customize Loans To Fit Your Needs
Offer Multiple Financing Options

Pipeline Management/ eSigning

Collaborate Effortlessly
Personalize As Per Need
eSign Documents Online

Project Management

Stage-Wise Filtering
Update Stages In Real-Time
Manage Project Notes
Manage Project Attachments
Manage Personal Task List
Assign Tasks To Subordinates
View All Activities
Send Updates And Messages

Dashboard and Reports

Access Custom Dashboard Features
Customize User Dashboards
Manage User Roles
Customize and Manage Dashboards
Generate Custom Reports
Filter Data
Generate Charts

Document Manager

Create Custom Documents
Advanced Text Editor
Create Custom Tags
Enhanced Security With Document Verification
Publish/Unpublish A Document


Add A New Customer
Sync Customers
Dedicated Login For Each Customer
Custom Filtering Options

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FAQ'sFeel free to ask any questions. We are ready to answer them all

Yes! We offer a 7-day free trial with which you can explore our measurement tools, proposal design, sales enablement tool and more. Find out how SubcontractorHub can help you grow your business.

With SubcontractorHub, you can save time and effort on proposals, as well as keep track of your ever-expanding business. We offer many features to help simplify construction sales, such as an easily accessible dashboard, an extensive database for HVAC,fence,solar and roofing adders, as well as a sales enablement tool, and countless integrations.

SubcontractorHub changes the way you do business by providing you with increased efficiency. If you're a growing business you may be struggling with the sheer volume of clients and installations you have to manage. SubcontractorHub simplifies each step with proposals you can generate in minutes, financing for clients within SubcontractorHub, and features such as integrations and our sales enablement tool to make sure you nurture your client relationships.

When you begin building a proposal for a new client, you must simply input your client’s address which will lead you to the property area on the map of our measurement tool. From there you can click and drag to draw the dimensions of your installation and get accurate measurements.

Not at all! SubcontractorHub was created with efficiency in mind. Every aspect of our sales enablement tool is fast and easy to use, from proposals to reports. Even the least tech-savvy members of your team will have no problems at all using SubcontractorHub.