As a partnership that represents a new era of accessibility for residential solar, SOLRITE and SubcontractorHub invite construction businesses to explore the benefits of seamless proposal creation enhanced by cost-effective financing.

Best PPA Rates

Best PPA Rates

SOLRITE’s solar PPAs qualify 43% more homeowners per year than competitors.

Optimal Job Costing

Get Paid More

Profit more from solar jobs by leveraging the exclusive sonnenConnect VPP installer compensation adder.

Exclusive Integration

First VPP Calfornia PPA

Groundbreaking solar + sonnen VPP technology coupled with a purpose-built Power Purchase Agreement. Available as California's premium solution after NEM 3.0

Offer Power Purchase Agreements Homeowners Can’t Refuse

Unlock the benefits of flexible financing through SOLRITE’s partnership with SubcontractorHub. As a popular financing choice among homeowners, PPAs are an excellent path to increasing solar project volume. To further streamline your sales, SubcontractorHub facilitates pre-qualification and seamlessly guides customers through the PPA application process.

  • Offer customers maximized solar savings with an exclusive Sonnen battery add-on.
  • Add PPAs to proposals in just a few clicks.
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