Top 5 Construction Sales Enablement Tools

A good construction sales enablement too saves you time and money and makes the sales process as smooth and simple as possible. To make your choice as straightforward as possible, we’ve combined a list of the top construction sales enablement tools and insight into their features. While we believe in SubcontractorHub, we hope to focus your research and enhance your understanding of what the construction sales enablement tool market has to offer.

1. SubcontractorHub

SubcontractorHub is an all-in-one construction sales solution that excels with its simplicity and accuracy. They offer sales solutions for roofing , solar , HVAC and fencing businesses. Roofing, solar and fencing businesses can use an accurate measurement tool to draw up proposals in a matter of minutes. Users can edit contracts and proposals. SubcontractorHub offers several other in-depth resources to facilitate business growth such as a database, role segregation, and a customer CRM, as well as reports to analyze business success.

2. Roofr

Roofr is a roofing measurement tool that simply requires you to input your client's address and receive a report within 24 hours for the price of $15. You can download a comprehensive report immediately and use the measurement software to get the dimensions of your roof installation.

3. Roofscope

Roofscope offers roofing contractors aerial roof measurement reports starting from 11$ each. It eliminates the need to take manual measurements. Simply put the address, and confirm your location, and your report will be sent to you in about two business days, but you can get a report as fast as three hours later for an extra charge.


4. ArcSite

Arcsite is a unique fencing tool that allows users to draw up fencing drawings and generate proposals and material lists quickly. It helps fencing contractors handle each aspect of a fencing installation from the first measurement to the final installation, facilitating business efficiency and encouraging growth. ArcSite fencing estimation tool eliminates manual calculations and allows users to generate quotes in just five minutes.

5. Eagle View

This aerial image tool is useful for roofing contractors to get accurate measurements of any customer’s roof. They provide accurate property building data that can be used to accurately plan roofing, solar and more projects. Eagle View ensures roofing contractors won’t ever need to hand-measure a roof again and provides reports filled with up-to-date and accurate information such as measurements, 3D roof diagrams, aerial imagery, and waste calculations. blog12


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