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We are here to help solar, roofing, and HVAC contractors speed up their sales processes and simplify them as much as possible. We created SubcontractorHub as a solid foundation for young installation companies struggling to keep up with an influx of new customers, as well as an innovative and benefit-rich tool for installers that have been around for many years. The features are many- we offer a sales CRM, fast and simple proposal design, measurement tools, and more. We’d like to take this opportunity to explain how construction companies can benefit from implementing our software.

A good construction sales enablement tool saves you time and money and makes the sales process as smooth and simple as possible. To make your choice as straightforward as possible, we’ve combined a list of the top construction sales enablement tools and insight into their features. While we believe in SubcontractorHub, we hope to focus your research and enhance your understanding of what the construction sales enablement tool market has to offer.

1. Polished Proposals

Proposals are an integral part of a successful business. They should be clean, attractive and informative, and convincing enough to get your client to sign on the dotted line.SubcontractorHub’s proposal feature provides businesses with the ability to draw up clean, attractive, and informative proposals in a matter of minutes which you can send over to your new prospect immediately. Simply create a new customer, create a proposal, and select materials and adders. Material lists can be supplemented by adding your industry-specific products to our database. Generating proposals becomes an efficient process once you have your custom SubcontractorHub proposal design, and you’ll be able to present customers with the information they need within minutes of their first consultation. blog21

2.Time-saving Tools

For solar and roofing contractors, SubcontractorHub offers an innovative method of saving time by eliminating the need for physical installation measurements. The roofing tool allows users to draw the sections of a roofing installation easily and draw gutters and facets with a variety of edge tools. The tool can be used to measure any roof type and is extremely accurate, meaning you’ll not be burdened by wasted materials. Roofing installers can also offer customers financing via a home improvement loan. Our API partners offer a variety of loans based on loan terms, payment amounts, and interest rates. blog2-image-2 The solar tool provides users with the ability to draw a solar installation. The sidebar contains information such as solar installation offset, total energy production, and monthly solar panel performance. By adding or removing solar panels you can adjust the offset according to your client’s energy needs. The solar tool also allows contractors to select the panels of their choice as well as batteries. The battery selection area comes with a calculation tool that helps estimate the amount of battery storage your client will need. Solar installers will also appreciate the unique ability to offer solar loans to customers within SubcontractorHub, thanks to our API partners. HVAC installers can offer customers financing by a home improvement loan. We have an extensive default database that can be supplemented with extra materials. Use the database to generate proposals in just a few minutes.

3. Comprehensive Client Management

Client management is a key component of a successful business. Responding to your prospects as quickly as possible is crucial to closing a deal, and making sure that you can track all your clients effectively and keep the communication going is just as essential. SubcontractorHub is tailored to offer several solutions that increase the efficiency of your business. blog2-image-3 By clicking on the “Home” button, users can find the dashboard. SubcontractorHub takes all the data of your ongoing projects and compiles them into various graphs that reflect the progress of your installations. You can find information on revenue, customers, closes, and more on the dashboard. The feature makes it super easy to keep track of your projects in one place. Delegating permissions to various roles of your team is straightforward. The role segregation feature allows owners to change the permissions available to each position based on how your organization functions and which modules your team members need access to. SubcontractorHub also offers an excellent sales CRM. You’ll be able to store client information in the same place you create proposals. Lastly, SubcontractorHub provides a report-building feature with which you can select criteria that matter most to you and get an instant report. Reports make it easy to keep track of your projects and analyze your business strategy.

4.HVAC businesses

SubcontractorHub is the perfect software for growing businesses. We hope to help roofing, solar and HVAC businesses reach the very best of their potential by providing a range of features that boost efficiency and simplify the process of construction sales. SubcontractorHub reduces human error, adds to the accuracy, and streamlines the process of closing a deal by eliminating or lessening time-consuming manual steps such as hand measurements, proposal creation, and design. If you’d like to witness SubcontractorHub at work, get in touch with us today and try out a free trial. blog2-image-4


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