How can I measure a roof online ?

Measuring a roof can be a challenging task when handling different roofing projects, as each roof can have its own unique shape, size, and slope. It is crucial to have a reliable tool that can help reduce the workload and ensure accurate measurements. SubcontractorHub is an optimal option for roofers and construction companies, as it provides a convenient and user-friendly platform for managing and measuring roofs, streamlining the sales process and saving time and effort. The software allows for easy measurement of the roof area, and the ability to generate detailed reports and estimates, making it an essential tool for any roofing project. This blog will examine how you can use the tools to estimate the area of a roof for roofing business purposes and measure a roof online.

Measure a Roof Anytime and Anywhere


If you are in the roofing or construction business, you measure the dimensions of roofs for clients constantly. While you could use a tape measure and figure out the dimensions manually, the problem is that you have to estimate your measurements, which can lead to errors.

Using the aerial roof design tool from SubcontractorHub is a much better solution. The tool is easy to use; to add your customer and build a proposal, or to add a new customer, just sign in to your account or create a new one if you haven't already. Then, click on "New Customers". Add in all of the pertinent information, such as name, address, email, phone number, and territory.

Simply enter the customer's address, and then using our roofing tool, click and drag the cursor to draw roof squares, as well as gutters and facets. You can generate an accurate aerial roof report in seconds.

As a roofing contractor, you have much to gain by using SubcontractorHub's software. Our roofing tool is just one of the many features that simplify sales. SubcontractorHub also helps users with client management, document management, organizing your sales team, and more. By using our software, you'll be able to streamline your sales process and make your job easier.

Create Stunning Proposals That Impress Your Clients

Roof measurement tool

After measuring the roof, you can explore and select from different finance options, shorten your loan process, and get fast solar financing with our top financing API partners: Goodleap, Sunlight Financial, and Mosaic.

SubcontractorHub makes it easy for you to create an attractive roof proposal design that will stand out from the competition. Simply view a PDF document list, select your proposal design, and add or rearrange sections. In mere minutes, our subcontractor software will automatically compile all your desired details into a stunning roofing proposal.

The process of editing contracts and proposals or changing orders can be time-consuming; however, SubcontractorHub offers a solution to make these changes quickly and easily. The PDF manager feature allows users to make changes to orders or add sections to contracts and proposals without having to start from scratch - saving valuable time!

This means you can quickly measure any roof and create a proposal for your client within minutes! This leaves your clients satisfied with your work and allows you to grow your business.

Use Database to Build Proposals

SubcontractorHub measurement tool

SubcontractorHub can provide you with the suitable roofing materials for any roof installation. Our extensive roofing material database can be modified to reflect your company's preferred roof materials, adders and other products for any roof installation.; we are here to help you select the suitable roofing materials for the perfect roof installation!

Data Visualization and Dashboard

At SubcontractorHub, we understand that managing a roof installation job can be complex and challenging to keep track of. That's why SubcontractorHub's easy-to-use interface enables you to monitor every aspect of your roofing business with just a few clicks. Our "home" page provides a one-stop shop to oversee every aspect of roof sales, from start to finish. SubcontractorHub makes it easy to manage and utilize business insights that get you on top of your business.

Built-in Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM software

CRM software is a powerful business tool that can be leveraged to make your business more efficient by improving communication and collaboration, managing assets, and streamlining processes.

SubcontractorHub's built-in CRM is a tool that can be used to unify your business operations and better manage your assets. You can boost your sales team's productivity by reducing communication and collaboration failures, empowering your team, and achieving efficiency.

By using SubcontractorHub's CRM software, you will have a unified view of your business operations and be able to grow and manage your construction business more effectively, empower your team members, and achieve greater efficiency in your workflows.

Save Time, Money & Close More Roofing Sales With SubcontractorHub

At SubcontractorHub, we're here to help you get the most out of our software, whether you're looking for a roof measurement tool or you are looking for a proposal builder to attract new leads and close more deals. Whether you're working in residential or commercial roofing, we have software that can help you do your job more efficiently.

SubcontractorHub strives to provide the best possible experience for construction businesses by connecting them with customers, financing, sales, contractors, and projects through a suite of applications.

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We started with the goal of helping contractors streamline their sales process by shortening the time required to measure a roof and build an attractive proposal. Customer support is available to help contractors by providing login credentials and checking the status of their projects.

Plus, you can store all of your contacts in our sales CRM to stay in touch with clients, check on estimates and proposal status, view estimate history and track previous projects. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We would be more than happy to answer them all.

SubcontractorHub helps contractors and business owners turn their sales process into a profitable and stress-free endeavor.

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