How do I manage client expectations?

Managing client expectations is crucial for the growth of the construction business. You might have the best product and service, but if the client isn't happy with how you present your product, you won’t be able to successfully close a deal.

A customer expects both quality and value for money. To ensure they get the value they expect, you must manage your client's expectations from the beginning. The challenge is that most customer service departments are not equipped to manage client expectations and are unaware that this is an important aspect of sales.

If you are wondering how to manage client expectations and looking for some tips on how to do that, you have come to the right place. This blog will offer insight into how you can deal with managing client expectations with an effective construction sales CRM.

6 Tips for Managing Client Expectations

A key component to maintaining happy and satisfied customers is knowing how to manage their expectations. When a customer has a positive experience with your company, you are more likely to retain them and get references. By creating an actionable plan to deal with any potential hiccups during a project, you can be sure your company will be seen as trustworthy, organized, and reliable, capable of meeting or exceeding expectations!

Don't Commit To What You Can't Deliver

When you commit to a customer, it's important to honor that commitment. It's always smart to under-promise and over-deliver. Outline the steps that you will take to complete a task, and don't be afraid to say you may require some extra time. This is crucial for construction businesses, especially when managing clients' solar or roof proposals, including all the details asked by the client without any error, and setting realistic timelines so you can successfully deliver what you have agreed to.

Be Upfront and Provide Status Updates

It's really important to be in contact with your clients so you can give them regular updates on the status of their projects. You can do this with a dedicated customer portal or a CRM that lets your clients know how much progress you've made, lists any roadblocks you've encountered and even an estimate of when you think you'll be done. This way, your client is informed of the status of the project, and they are assured that their installation is in good hands.

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Have an Actionable Plan

Even though you should be able to trust your client to be honest with you about what they want, you still need to ask them. This is useful because they will likely have an idea of what they want, and by discussing at length their needs, they won't be able to complain that you gave them something they didn't ask for! Make sure you detail a plan of action with timelines, so they know how far along you are. By doing this, they can know how long until their project is complete!

Keep Communication Transparent and Consistent

When it comes to business relationships, truly important things are based on trust, something especially important when it comes to business. Your clients will only be able to trust your company when you are transparent and consistent in your communication with them. This can be difficult to keep up with, especially if you have a lot of clients, but it's important to make an effort. A productivity CRM like SubcontractorHub can help with managing client communication by keeping everything streamlined.

Follow Up Regularly

We're all about getting great, fast results, so it's easy to assume that customers are impressed with high-tech gimmicks. But in reality, customers will have more faith in a company when they have regular follow-ups. One of the most effective ways to retain clients is to get them involved. Reaching out to customers while they're using your product, sending automated emails to let them know about pricing changes, and more shows a fundamental level of care.

Additionally, it may be beneficial to send a brief survey after the issue has been resolved to collect feedback and ensure that the customer is satisfied with the outcome. By following these simple steps, support teams can provide an exceptional level of customer service that will keep clients coming back time and time again.

Invest in CRM Software

A CRM is a very important tool that all businesses must invest in. It is a very powerful tool that will enable you to manage your customer's expectations in a more effective manner and drive your business growth. Customers are the reason businesses exist. Particularly in the construction industry, companies need to pay attention to what the customers are saying. Customer relationship management software is the key to customer satisfaction.

Manage Your Clients With Ease with Subcontractor Hub

SubcontractorHub is a complete one-stop construction sales enablement solution. It is essential to keep track of your clients so that you can easily reach out to them when necessary. However, keeping track of each task and the project's progress is also crucial. To achieve these goals, we offer a solution that enables you to manage all your proposals, installation designs, and clients in one place. We know that managing clients can seem like a complex task and it can be frustrating when you constantly have to switch between multiple tools and websites.

Fortunately, there is now a better way to take control! With SubcontractorHub, You will no longer have to switch between different tools. Instead, you can use a multifaceted solution such as our extensive material database that can be modified to reflect your company's preferences for materials, adders, and other products.

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We offer API integrations with some of the industry's top financing partners, including Goodleap, Sunlight Financial, and Mosaic. Our integrations with leading tools like DocuSign, Salesforce, Keap, Mailchimp, and Hubspot help you streamline your workflows. Our dedicated customer portal lets you communicate with your customers and offer support.

We provide a variety of easy-to-use tools that will help you streamline your sales operations. Plus, our platform is designed specifically for subcontractors, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible service.

Why not sign up with SubcontractorHub today? We promise you won't regret it!


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