Why SubcontractorHub can replace your ladder

Increasing the efficiency and productivity of your business without compromising on the quality of service you offer clients is one of the biggest challenges roofing contractors face. With the advancements made in roofing technology, using sales enablement software is the obvious answer, which is why contractors are turning to products that can make life easier, and the choices are many.


One of the most valuable advancements in roofing technology is the appearance of sales enablement tools and roof design software. It’s important to adapt quickly to new practices that place you ahead of your competition, and with more and more roofing contractors turning to sales enablement tools to increase their sales efficiency, a tool like SubcontractorHub, which offers both sales enablement software and roof design software, is truly invaluable. Roofing contractors can trust SubcontractorHub to streamline proposal design, complex roof design and measurements.

Roofing contractors often spend much of their time driving out to client properties to get a look at their roofs and take measurements. Getting out your ladder to climb up onto a roof and hand measuring the area and edges of a roof is an extremely time-consuming and laborious process, but it doesn’t have to be. SubcontractorHub can replace your ladder.

Instead of driving out to your client’s property to take a survey of their roof, you can find it using our proposal design tool. When you create a new proposal, you have to set your client's house on the map. SubcontractorHub uses satellite imagery from Google Maps to save contractors from having to make dangerous climbs, allowing them to assess potential damage safely and without risk of injury. The software is extremely accurate, reducing the possibility of complications due to human error.

One of the benefits of not having to take hand measurements is the amount of time you’ll save, as well as money on fuel costs. Instead of wasting time and money on working on-site, draw up a roof design and present a proposal within minutes of being asked for a quote. SubcontractorHub users can use a variety of tools within the roofing design tool, such as the gutter and facet drawing tool and a variety of edge tools for eaves, hips, valleys and more. Along with an accurate calculation of the total roof area, everything you need to create an all-encompassing proposal is at your fingertips.


SubcontractorHub offers many other features that save roofing contractors time and effort. For example, our software integrates with many other tools you may already be familiar with, such as ZOHO CRM, Hubspot, Keap, Salesforce and more. Sharing proposals is easy, you can download them or send them to clients instantly with our DocuSign integration.

Creating a compelling proposal that satisfies your customer without subjecting team members to risk is now easy. Replace your ladder with SubcontractorHub, use cost-effective tools, grow your business and stay ahead of the competition. Ready to dive into the SubcontractorHub experience? Get in touch with us today to try out SubcontractorHub.


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