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Construction is one of the most competitive industries in the US, especially for HVAC, solar and roof installer businesses. All three industries are experiencing massive demand for installations, but many will struggle to meet demand without the proper strategies in place.

Forecasts show that the solar industry is expected to grow by almost $3 billion by 2030. For the HVAC industry, climate change is driving up demand for cooling appliances, with this year seeing the highest recorded average world temperatures. Roofing businesses will also see more need in coming years, with the industry set to grow by 10.24% until 2028. The question is, can construction businesses meet rising demand?

Construction businesses can meet the rising project demand by harnessing innovative sales enablement and project management software such as SubcontractorHub. SubcontractorHub is a one-stop sales enablement and project management platform for solar, roof and HVAC businesses. From creating custom branded proposals with accurate, AI-powered designs to seamless project tracking, our platform provides everything a construction business needs to increase the efficiency of their sales and meet project deadlines, all in one place.

What challenges does the construction industry face?

Poor Communication

Any construction project involves collaboration between team members and stakeholders working in multiple locations simultaneously. If the communication channels between the office and the field aren’t effective enough, businesses struggle to complete jobs on time and may even experience project failures. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), poor communication is to blame for nearly a third of all failed construction projects. SubcontractorHub’s software helps streamline communication between stakeholders by storing essential documents, assigning and tracking tasks and ensuring security, which can help you avoid unexpected delays, prevent unauthorized access to records, and eliminate unfulfilled jobs and communication gaps.

Delays In Project Completion

Haphazard scheduling and fragmented project management processes often cause unwelcome delays in project timelines. Outdated and inefficient project management is to blame, and many businesses struggle to keep up with project deadlines, negatively affecting client relationships and decreasing customer satisfaction. Delays in project completion can significantly impact a business’s reputation and budget, even leading to total abandonment of projects.

avoid delays in project completion with SubcontractorHub sales enablement software

Budgeting Risks

Many construction businesses face budgeting challenges as material and labor costs increase. These issues can be exacerbated by factors such as over-ordering materials, increasing competition in the solar, roof and HVAC industries and poor project management processes. Controlling costs as much as possible is vital to staying profitable and thriving during economic uncertainty. Joining an online marketplace like SubcontractorHub can help increase project volume and access additional install revenue. Project management software can help businesses avoid over-ordering and other budget-related risks.

Lack Of Necessary Technologies

57% of construction businesses saw a drop in profitability in 2022 for various reasons, including inefficient, traditional project management methods such as handwritten notes, A3 paper, and Excel spreadsheets. It’s time to embrace what software has to offer. Technology is no longer limited to the IT industry and those who don’t adapt and move ahead of the curve inevitably fall behind.

Here’s How To Beat The Competition With SubcontractorHub

Sales Enablement

Decreasing the time needed to create and share proposals and draw up accurate designs is vital to ensuring customer satisfaction and increased sales. This can be achieved with proposal-building tools. With SubcontractorHub, you can save more time without switching between multiple devices and applications because we provide everything you need on one platform.

Our revolutionary sales enablement feature, the AI-powered design tool, provides accurate measurements, reducing the margin for material over-ordering. Our sales enablement software lets you assemble a stunning branded proposal in just a few minutes, complete with exact AI designs and effortless financing with instant credit approval facilitated by our platform. Once a bid is complete, it can be signed online with our eSign integrations and downloaded or shared via email. Take minutes, instead of hours, to share a deal-winning proposal and beat the competition.

Project Management

Meeting project deadlines without any delays is possible with project management software. From streamlining communication to providing a reliable framework for assigning and tracking tasks and overviewing project progress, project management tools are a massive asset to beating the competition. SubcontractorHub’s project management software provides numerous features beyond project and task tracking, including document management, a dashboard and data-rich reports with which to analyze business strategy, identify weak points and communicate strategies to stakeholders.

SubcontractorHub project management tool


Staying ahead of the competition comes down to the volume of projects a business can undertake and complete without compromising quality and customer service. SubcontractorHub’s marketplace platform provides construction businesses with excellent growth opportunities that can place them ahead of the curve. We provide access to a nationwide network of contractors and installers, through which contractors can send offers to installers or put jobs up for bid. By joining the marketplace, contractors can relieve project backlogs and access additional install revenue, improving their profitability.

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