How Can Roofing Businesses Benefit From Green Roofing?

It is time to talk about a new trend taking the roofing industry by storm- green roofing. The world we live in today is far more eco-conscious than ever before, which is why homeowners across the US are searching for ways to help the environment while preserving architectural aesthetics and style. In this blog, we will explore green roofing, also known as eco-friendly roofing and how adding green roofing services to your offerings can benefit your construction business.

What Makes A Roof Eco-Friendly?

Green roofing refers to the practice of installing a roof that contributes positively to the environment. The hallmarks of green roofing include energy efficiency, durability and sustainability. For example, some roofing materials trap heat more efficiently, while others cool more efficiently. The longer a roof lasts, the less often a homeowner will have to replace it, which is why durable materials are also considered eco-efficient. They reduce the need to manufacture new materials frequently and reduce the production of associated pollutants.

Why Provide Green Roofing Services?

So why should roofing businesses look into green roofing? As consumer interests and preferences change, businesses which strive to stay ahead of the competition must embrace changes. By supplying green roofing services, businesses can expand into a new consumer base and increase their sales through diversified revenue streams.

Why Are Customers Interested In Green Roofing?

Green roofing is becoming extremely popular amongst homeowners for a variety of reasons. Thanks to the heating and cooling efficiency of green roofing, homeowners are able to reduce their energy costs, paying less for electricity than their non-green counterparts. Furthermore, green roofing reduces their carbon footprint, allowing them to take a substantial step towards a sustainable future. Aside from the aforementioned reasons, homeowners are going green with their roofing due to their interest in the novelty and excitement of having the type of roof that no one else has.

Add New and Popular Roofing Types

Green roofing is a great way to attract a new audience and secure more leads that convert into paying customers. By offering something novel, your business can experience significant growth. While many homeowners are familiar with the roof types listed below, they often are not sure where to acquire them. You can position your business as the go-to source for these sought-after roofs. Let us explore five popular green roofing types that attract customers.

 popular roofing types

1. White (Cool) Roofs

This type of roof helps reduce heat buildup in urban areas. Thanks to its bright surface, a white roof reflects heat away from a home, helping cool the area around it, which in turn helps reduce pollutants in the atmosphere by improving energy efficiency. White roofs also contribute an aesthetically pleasing look that goes with all types of homes, especially modern designs.

2. Metal Seam Roofs

The most interesting feature metal seam roofs boast, as you may already know, is their ability to expand and contract in response to temperature changes without sustaining any damage. Metal roofs are also durable and long-lasting, a sound investment for homeowners who want a reliable, low-maintenance roofing solution. Roofs like these are available in any colour you can think of and offer a sleek design. Homeowners with an eye for natural light find that additional elements such as skylights can be easily incorporated into metal seam roofs.

3. Green (Living) Roofs

Green roofs are contained green spaces on top of a home where homeowners can grow a garden. Green roofs, also known as living roofs, help cool cities by absorbing the sunlight that would otherwise heat public areas, as well as absorbing carbon dioxide that must be reduced in order to combat climate change. Subsequently, green roofs also improve air quality and contribute to a healthier environment. These roofs enhance biodiversity and are aesthetically pleasing to boot. As one of the most stunning and energy-efficient types of roofing, living roofs are now in high demand.

4. Solar Roofs

Solar roofing is, in essence, a combination of roof replacement and solar installation. Since solar energy is becoming widespread, homeowners will often need to replace their roofs before proceeding with solar installation. In that way, they can make sure that the type of roof they end up with provides a strong foundation for solar for its entire 25+ year lifespan. Metal roofing is especially suitable for this purpose, doubling up on the eco-friendly home factor. Roofing businesses have much to gain from the solar energy explosion. By providing combined solar and roofing services, roofing businesses can meet the rising demand for solar installation and roof replacement head-on.

5. Slate Roofs

Slate roofs are both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Slate tiles are heavy, which is why homes that choose to install a slate roof must sport a solid foundation. Slate is a very environmentally friendly choice because it is natural and not manufactured. Because these tiles are mined, less waste occurs during the production of tiles. Slate stabilizes the internal temperature of the home, improving a building’s energy efficiency. This green roofing type lasts longer than most other roofing types, removing the need to replace and buy new materials. Homeowners prefer slate roofs because they resist harsh weather conditions and help lower overall energy costs.

Develop An Eco-Friendly Brand Image

Studies show that customers will actively seek out sustainable businesses and are more likely to choose a sustainable product over an unsustainable one. By providing green roofing services, you can adopt a sustainable brand image and cash in on the benefits this sales approach provides.

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