Integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Solar and Roofing

CRM software is becoming an essential tool used by sales teams in all industries. One only needs to look at statistics to understand how popular CRMs are becoming. According to Buyer Zone, 91% of businesses with over 11 employees have integrated CRM software into their operational processes. While many solar and roofing businesses still rely on the traditional pen-and-paper method, or disorganized spreadsheets to store their consumer data, it is now abundantly clear that top-tier CRMs can be a game-changer for growing solar and roofing businesses, especially as the influx of customer data becomes difficult to manage. In today's post, we will delve into how solar and roofing businesses can gain advantages by incorporating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software into their sales and customer service activities.

How is CRM software used?

CRM software boosts the efficiency of your sales team’s efforts and improves productivity and decision-making capabilities. CRMs streamline manual tasks, allowing team members to focus on crucial projects that need their undivided attention. Implementing CRM software into workflows reduces the possibility of losing out on sales or making mistakes (such as mismatched or incomplete records) because of the error-free data transfer through CRM’s automated data syncing.

Is CRM software integration beneficial to solar and roofing businesses?

CRM integrations can greatly benefit solar and roofing sales teams by enabling quicker proposal generation and ensuring each customer's information is recorded. Using CRM integrations with other tools enhances collaboration in sales efforts, helps all stakeholders have the same information, and ensures all are on the same page, working off the same script. When integrated with SubcontractorHub, CRMs make it easy to draw up a solar or roofing proposal in the proposal builder tool without having to dig through piles of documents or open another application.

Speaking of other applications, integrating your CRM software with other tools ensures that you will not have to add another separate tool to the list. CRM integrations track leads across channels and allow SubcontractorHub users to create proposals for prospects in a fraction of the time traditional methods take. Improving organization and streamlining solar or roofing sales are key CRM functions that provide a seamless customer experience that guarantees satisfaction. streamlining solar and roofing sales with CRM integration

Additionally, CRM software integrations enable solar and roofing companies to enhance their utilization of SubcontractorHub's reporting feature. This allows for the compilation of precise data with just a few simple clicks. All necessary data is stored in SubcontractorHub’s customizable database ready to be compiled into data-rich reports that keep stakeholders informed. These reports offer insight into solar and roofing sales efforts and strategies in real time. Businesses have the opportunity to analyze strategy and make adjustments going forward.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction With SubcontractorHub

SubcontractorHub boasts several seamless CRM integrations that support solar and roof sales efforts. Integrate customer information into our platform and automate manual tasks, allowing you to focus on closing deals and offering a seamless experience to solar and roofing customers. SubcontarctorHub’s CRM integrations boost the efficiency and accuracy of your solar and roofing sales.

CRM software is essential for sales and customer service teams for roofing and solar businesses. Bridge the gap between data and tool with SubcontarctorHub’s CRM integrations such as Zapier, Keep, Salesforce, Hubspot, Copper and Zoho CRM. bridge the gap between data and tool with SubcontractorHub

Create proposals with a cutting-edge design tool that generates solar and roofing designs in seconds. The proposal builder is the future of roofing and solar sales. Do you need to integrate sales enablement software into your operations team and seek additional details? Speak to a SubcontractorHub specialist and discuss which may work best for you. Book a demo with us today.


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