Maximizing Efficiency with Proposal Builder Software

Whenever you get a lead that turns into a prospect, you have a tiny window of time to get the project proposal across to your potential customer and close the deal. Capturing leads can be challenging enough, but the content and quality of your proposal and how quickly you can respond determines your sales success. However, construction businesses often struggle to meet customer's expectations of service, especially without using the technology which has changed how the construction industry operates and interacts with clients- proposal builder software.

Proposal builder software allows businesses to create and send out proposals to customers faster and can be a real asset when used correctly. We’ll explore how to make your proposal creation process more efficient, what elements a good proposal contains and how SubcontractorHub can help you achieve your proposal efficiency goals.

Why Invest in Proposal Builder Software?

A proposal builder tool is a great way to boost sales and grow your business. For example, revisit the deals in the past that you lost, and see what could have been done better. The right proposal-building tool can help you develop a better strategy for next time. Perhaps you needed to present your solutions more than your products, or you received feedback from a prospect that your proposal was too generic.

Proposal-building software is also an excellent investment in the reduction of human error. If your proposal editor or coordinator is overwhelmed by the demand for proposals, they may be more likely to make a misstep or leave out important information. And that’s not all. How many programs do you use in a day to create proposals currently? The answer may be a long list without the right proposal builder software. Switching between applications takes time and can lead to mistakes or loss of information. With SubcontractorHub, you can reduce the cost of human error to a minimum.

If you specialize in solar and roofing, or any combination of solar, roofing and HVAC installation, SubcontractorHub removes the need to use multiple proposal builders. After adding a customer, you can generate attractive proposals in the same module of our platform and send them out quickly. You can share proposals via email or download them, and for solar construction businesses, customers can receive their proposal and view it with a public proposal URL. For quick and easy closes, we provide integration with DocuSign, which allows you to send contracts to customers and get their signatures without scheduling an in-person meeting.

What Makes Proposals Effective?

Every good proposal begins with a great outline, which our software provides.

Each proposal should:

Explore the benefits Vs. the costs

Your clients are looking for the most cost-effective solution to their needs. Your proposal must lay out the costs of the installation, as well as discounts and financing option terms so that your client can understand how much they will gain from investing in your services and be able to compare your proposal against others and have yours come out on top.

Perfect a fast internal process

Customers want top-quality proposals quickly, so you need to refine your proposal-building process. A great solution is to keep everything organized with proposal builder software. Our proposal-building tool streamlines the sales process, ensuring you can send out high-quality proposals in just a few minutes to get prospects to sign on the dotted line.

Have a sleek and uncluttered design

You don’t want to bombard your clients with too much information. A concise breakdown of the details of the installation, an attractive design and valuable information about the distinguishing features of your construction company’s work are paramount. You don’t want your customer to read your proposal and feel like they have a hundred unanswered questions or lack clarity. SubcontractorHub’s proposal builder lets you quickly add proposal sections such as solar or roofing designs, materials, adders, discounts and financing options. Your custom proposal design is applied automatically to each proposal you share. With SubcontractorHub, your customers will get valuable information and be able to reach an informed decision quickly.

Sleek and uncluttered design with our proposal builder software

Ability to fix mistakes or make updates quickly

After your client reviews your proposal, they may ask for revisions, so you’ll need to update the proposal and send it back. SubcontractorHub’s proposal builder software allows you to add or edit existing proposal sections. The document manager lets users add quotes or process a change order in minutes.

Mistakes are unavoidable, but how you respond to a spanner in the works is critical. SubcontractorHub can act as a deal-saver by allowing you to fix errors immediately and reach out to your customer with a winning proposal they can’t refuse.

Unlock Time-Saving Benefits with SubcontractorHub's Proposal Software

save time and money with subcontractorhub proposal builder software

With SubcontractorHub’s sales enablement software, each of your proposals will feature an eye-catching design that impresses customers. The method applies automatically to each submission and is ready to send out to your clients in minutes. With our platform, you can create HVAC, roof and solar proposals using a range of features, including solar and roofing design tools, an extensive customizable database and several financing options, including loans from top lenders with instant credit approval facilitated by SubcontractorHub. Simple and easy to use, SubcontractorHub is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to streamline and perfect their proposal-building process. Sign up for a plan today to start creating proposals that seal deals.


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