Why roofing contractors use SubcontractorHub

Roofing businesses that are searching for ways to save time and money by increasing the efficiency of their sales process will find that SubcontractorHub is the best software to implement. The software greatly increases the time needed to send out proposals and promotes efficiency in businesses that will save roofing contractors time and money in the long run, as well as make the sales process straightforward and easier to manage. But how does SubcontractorHub help roofing contractors exactly?


Our roofing tool SubcontractorHub’s tool takes care of the process of proposal generation. Getting attractive, informative proposals out to prospects as quickly as possible is the best way to ensure you close deals. With the roofing tool, the whole process from start to finish takes just five minutes, and you won’t have to do as much on-site work, saving the time necessary to drive out to your client’s property.

Roofing contractors need only create a new proposal to get started. Once you input your client's address, you’ll be able to set your client’s roof on the map. Then you’ll enter the design tool. Roofing contractors can draw the sections of the property’s roof. There are a variety of edge tools for eaves, valleys, hips and more fit for measuring any roof. You’ll also get an accurate measurement of the area of the roof as well as measurements for gutters and facets.

Once you’ve got the measurements you need to build a proposal, you can move on to adders which you can select from the list. Roofing contractors can also add discounts and provide financing to clients within the proposal tool, instead of the client having to deal with that themselves. You can offer database loans, loans from our API partners and even create a custom loan.

Sending out a proposal or contract is easy. Your custom proposal design will be applied to each proposal automatically and all the information you’ve added will be furnished in the proposal. Contracts can be either downloaded or sent to clients via email or get an e-signature via DocuSign.


Roofing contractors have much to benefit from with SubcontractorHub’s feature-rich software. Our roofing tool is just one of the many features that simplify sales. SubcontractorHub helps users with client management, document management, organizing your sales team, and more.

SubcontractorHub’s CRM makes it easier to keep track of roofing clients. All the information you need to foster successful client relationships can be found in our CRM. By making use of our software you’ll be able to streamline your sales process from the first call to the final contract.

Changing orders and editing proposals or contracts can be a time-consuming process, however, with SubcontractorHub changes can be made quickly within the tool. Simply use the PDF manager feature to process a change order, or to add sections to existing contracts and proposals.

Struggling to organize your roofing sales team? SubcontractorHub’s role segregation feature offers a simple solution. You can assign permissions to members of your team based on which modules they’ll need access to do their job. We have predetermined roles, but you can modify or add roles based on the structure of your organization.


One of the best tools for business owners to promote growth is the report tool. Users can select the criteria which matter most and generate a report in seconds. Reports are vital when it comes to analyzing business success and building a strategy to move forward with.

All in all, SubcontractorHub offers an all-in-one sales solution that roofing contractors should definitely consider having on hand. Take control of your sales process and close more deals faster. Gain an edge on the competition by having a faster and more efficient sales process. Take hand measurements out of the equation and save time and money on on-site trips. If you’d like to join our many other SubcontractorHub users, get in touch with us today!


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