5 Popular Sales Enablement Myths & Misconceptions Debunked

Sales enablement tools are a relatively recent technology that has revolutionized multiple industries, including financial services, tech and telecommunications. However, sales enablement is a valuable addition to any industry, especially construction. Many construction businesses have the potential to overhaul inefficient processes completely, but because of a few misconceptions surrounding sales enablement software, adoption of these vital tools is slow.

Though the reluctance to adopt new technologies is understandable due to the human tendency to resist change, staying up-to-date and ahead of developments in your industry is necessary to succeed in today’s world. In this blog, we’ll debunk some of the prevalent myths regarding sales enablement in the construction industry so that your business can better understand how to utilize sales enablement technology effectively.

1. Sales Enablement Isn’t Profitable

The associated costs are one of the significant reservations construction businesses have about sales enablement technology. In reality, sales enablement software is highly cost-effective and can increase sales and productivity exponentially. However, many construction businesses invest in several separate tools at once without adequately understanding the functionalities of each one. This can make sales enablement ineffective and even incur losses. Switching between multiple devices is also inefficient and can lessen the productivity-boosting benefits of sales enablement, which is what usually leads businesses to believe that sales enablement isn’t profitable.

Instead of using multiple tools for design, proposal building and information storage, construction businesses can get everything they need to accelerate sales on one platform. SubcontractorHub offers construction businesses a one-stop shop for all their sales enablement needs so they don’t have to pay for multiple tools or unnecessary features. We also integrate with many devices you may already use, eliminating the need to switch between various applications. With SubcontractorHub, solar, roof and HVAC construction businesses can profit from embracing sales enablement software and break out ahead of their competitors.

2. Construction Can’t Benefit From Sales Enablement

We understand that at face value, sales enablement software may seem like an unnecessary modern technology that only tech companies can benefit from, but this is far from the truth. Many of the current sales strategies construction companies use to close deals are inefficient and aren’t as accessible as they should be. For example, a customer is more likely to sign a contract if they can do so online rather than having to schedule their day around visiting your establishment. Research shows that customers gravitate towards convenient and fast solutions to their needs, which is why businesses with the shortest speed-to-lead time are currently the most successful.

construction can't benefit from sales enablement tools

3. Sales Enablement Tools Are Inaccurate

Construction companies rely on accurate measurements to ensure they provide the best quality service to their customers. We’ve all heard the saying “measure thrice, cut once,” and it can be hard to trust technology to take over. Unfortunately, construction businesses tend to overlook the cost of human error, something an AI design tool doesn’t have the capacity for. By utilizing SubcontractorHub’s AI design tools, you are reducing the time it takes to get a proposal out to a potential customer and limiting the margin for over-ordering materials. Since material costs have increased over the past few years, it’s a good idea to determine human error as much as possible and circumvent budgeting issues.

sales enablement tool are inaccurate

4. Sales Enablement Tools Are Hard To Implement

Sales enablement software may seem complex, and construction businesses may not know where to start or how to enable the tools they need. The truth is sales enablement tools are really only an extension of what you already do. The sales enablement jargon may confuse you initially, but in essence, sales enablement tools work to automate and simplify your sales process, not complicate it. However, as mentioned previously, adding several tools simultaneously can further fragment your sales process. That’s why developing a clear strategy for your sales enablement technology is essential. SubcontractorHub provides an extensive and comprehensive knowledge base with training materials that show how to use each tool and feature step by step. We’ve ensured that our platform is designed in a way that makes sense and moves from one stage to the next flawlessly, making it easy for new users to navigate our solution.

5. Businesses Need To Hire Additional Employees

SubcontractorHub allows businesses to segregate access permissions according to roles in their organization. This means that your existing marketing manager, sales manager, director or design engineer can access only the features of SubcontractorHub they need. Your sales team can work from SubcontractorHub’s platform without hiring additional employees. Sales enablement software helps construction businesses conserve their resources and improve their profitability.

Get The Construction Sales Enablement Tools You Need

We hope this blog has clarified some of your misconceptions about sales enablement software! By taking a strategic approach to sales enablement, your construction businesses can streamline fragmented and inefficient sales processes, boosting your long-term profitability and growth. If you’re looking for a comprehensive and easy-to-use sales enablement tool for solar, roof or HVAC projects, try SubcontractorHub! Our platform does everything from adding customers to creating accurate designs and building stunning proposals. SubcontractorHub also simplifies financing, allowing you to offer more flexibility to your clients. Our eSign integrations make it easy to share a bid or contract online and close deals faster. Ready to embrace cutting-edge sales enablement? Join SubcontractorHub today!


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