Effortlessly Communicate with Clients for Smooth Project Execution

Streamlining a project isn’t easy, and it requires expert organizational skills. However, the whole process can be made significantly easier if you know which tools can help you and add value to your business operations. There are hundreds of tools out there, each with its own function and benefits.

You may have already begun using tools to track projects, instant messaging tools to communicate with team members or manage tasks. However, simply grabbing a few different tools and adding them to your workflow won’t solve your productivity problems; switching between multiple applications can actually slow down efficiency and lead to errors.

As a result, it can seem like technology isn’t there yet when it comes to juggling multiple complex projects. But that’s not true. We explain how SubcontractorHub’s suite of project management features can streamline your solar, roof or HVAC project execution.

Effortless Project Tracking

HVAC, solar and roof installations require careful planning and management because of the sheer amount of moving parts involved. On top of that, you’re also faced with the challenge of managing multiple work areas, from the office to the field. By assigning and tracking the progress of each project’s tasks on the SubcontractorHub platform, you’ll save time and avoid miscommunication regarding the execution of your project’s stages.

effortless project tracking with SubcontractorHub

Transparent Communication

Ensuring your clients are in the loop regarding the status of their projects is crucial to forming a positive customer relationship. With SubcontractorHub, your clients are updated via email each time their project progresses to the next step, and you can provide additional clarity by sending emails and text messages from the project module. You’ll also be able to improve communication with your team members and subordinates with automatic, real-time progress updates, keeping stakeholders and colleagues in the loop and ready for the next project stage. Real-time collaboration can help you overcome productivity issues and achieve your business goals without the delays of inefficient communication.

Efficient Organization

Disorganized and fragmented project management processes can cut deep into your revenue and potential for growth. Scrambling to find relevant documents, switching between multiple applications and struggling to figure out where each of your projects stands pose a significant risk to customer satisfaction and can incur unwelcome delays as you try to get things back on the right track. With SubcontractorHub, you can import all data into our extensive database and store all of your information in a secure, organized environment. Not only is your sensitive data safeguarded from unauthorized access by an approval process, but you’ll also be able to quickly filter through and compile a report of the information you’re looking for in just a few clicks.

SubcontractorHub’s dashboards can also help you stay on track to your goals. You can create fully customizable dashboards and add reports with the criteria which matter most to you so that you’re always fully prepared to discuss your project execution strategy.

efficient organization

Smooth Project Execution With SubcontractorHub

The right project management tools can be a complete game changer in executing your projects. With SubcontractorHub, you can get all the tools you need to manage projects efficiently in one place and streamline each step of the job execution process.

With our comprehensive platform, you can explore all of these features and more:

Convert proposals into projects as soon as the contract is signed and immediately assign tasks to team members complete with due dates and attached notes.

Overview the stages and progress of all projects in one place, locate project details immediately and attach documents to each project for easy reference.

Communicate efficiently with team members and customers via email and text messages without leaving the platform. You can further improve the efficiency of your communication with customers and subordinates with our seamless integrations such as Live Chat, Twilio and Gmail.

Customers are updated automatically as their project progresses from one stage to the following, ensuring transparent communication.

Our software provides an easy way to request and receive payments, after which you’ll also receive valuable feedback from clients with SubcontractorHub’s reviews. This extra step in customer communication allows you to identify and solve issues immediately before going into the next project.

SubcontractorHub streamlines every single step of a project’s process from beginning to end, ensuring transparent, hassle-free communication and increased productivity. Join our platform today and begin effortlessly tracking and organizing your projects!


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