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Financing a solar installation is one of the most challenging aspects of going solar. Many consumers find it difficult to find appropriate budget-friendly financing options and, therefore, back out of going solar entirely. Offering customers an easier path to solar financing is vital to improving sales, but it is not easy to achieve. However, solar construction businesses can now offer their clients the best financing options by using SubcontractorHub.

SubcontractorHub’s proposal builder feature comes with a section dedicated to financing options. You can offer your clients SubcontractorHub’s database loans or API partner loans and even create custom loans as well.

SubcontractorHub’s Database Loans

SubcontractorHub provides solar construction businesses with an extensive database that can be modified to include the financing partners you currently work with. New lenders can be added under the Lenders module.

When you create a new solar proposal for a customer, you can select one of the loans provided by the lender your client has chosen under the Financing (Using Own Database) section. Your client will have to qualify for the loan for this type of financing after receiving their proposal.

By incorporating the data of your lenders within the SubcontractorHub platform, you can significantly reduce the time necessary to locate and add the loan your client needs and close the deal.

SubcontractorHub users can also create custom loans for their clients. Providing flexibility to solar customers allows construction businesses to widen their consumer base and improve sales. Many consumers struggle to find a loan that meets their exact criteria, which is why SubcontractorHub has ensured that construction businesses can provide simple and customizable solutions to their clients.

API Partner Loans

API partner loans with SubcontractorHub

SubcontractorHub currently provides loans from three highly reputable solar banks: Mosaic, Goodleap and Sunlight Financial. Once you’ve reached the financing section of your customer’s proposal, you can locate these loans under the label Financing (Using Partner’s APIs). Unlike database loans, partner API loans allow customers to instantly qualify and get credit approval for their loan of choice. Each lender provides a variety of loans, but availability may differ depending on the total cost of the solar installation, as each solar bank has its own minimum and maximum complete cost requirements.

API partner loans are an even faster way to get your clients financing that meets their budgets and needs. They won’t need to worry about spending extra time filling out loan qualification documents after receiving their proposal. Instead, they can get apply for and get credit approval in just minutes.

SubcontractorHub’s Easy Mode

Looking for an even faster way to get your client the loan they need? We’ve got you covered. Users can locate this innovative feature under Financing (Easy Mode) in the financing section of the proposal builder. Select the loan criteria that matter most to your client, such as the lowest interest rate or payment amount, and you’ll be presented with the financing options they qualify for. From there, credit approval takes just a few minutes.

Join SubcontractorHub And Begin Offering Top-Of-The-Line Financing Options

subcontractorhub offers top-of-the-line-financing-options

Improving the speed, variety and ease with which you provide your solar installation clients with the perfect solar loan can dramatically improve your lead retention and sales, turning each proposal into a seamlessly closed deal. SubcontractorHub offers a unique diversity and flexibility to the financing process, creating solutions to customer pain points that haven’t been addressed as thoroughly before.

For solar construction businesses, SubcontractorHub provides all the tools needed to save time on manual tasks, boost productivity and reduce human error. Financing options are just one aspect of our all-encompassing sales enablement and project management software, dramatically enabling solar construction business growth.

Ready to experience SubcontractorHub? Contact us today to join and start offering your solar clients cost-effective, flexible financing options.


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