What's New In Roofing Technology? Latest Advancements

The construction industry is growing faster than ever as technology advances, presenting new and exciting opportunities at every turn. From solar shingles to AI design software, roofing technology especially is experiencing a boost in development due to a universal interest in improving the energy efficiency of US homes.

With advanced roofing technology, roofers can make a real and impactful effort to curb climate change while staying ahead of the competition and catering to consumer interests. In today’s blog, we will take a look at five of the most interesting technological innovations in roofing that may completely change the landscape of the industry.

1. Metal Shingles

You’ve probably heard of standing seam metal roofs, but have you heard of metal shingles? While this roofing type mimics the ever-popular asphalt shingle, metal shingles are far more durable and energy efficient, producing far less waste per year than asphalt shingles. A metal shingle roof can last an average of 70 years and is proven to reduce heating and cooling costs between 10% and 25%. They’re also highly customizable, fitting seamlessly with any home design. Steel, aluminum, and copper are commonly used materials in metal shingles and come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

2. AI Roof Design Software

AI technology is taking many industries by storm, and roofing is no exception. The implications of AI in roofing are huge. By removing the need to climb a ladder onto a roof to get manual measurements, AI can help dramatically reduce roofing-related accidents. Furthermore, many businesses can save on-site visit costs and cut the time it takes to draw up a proposal for a prospective client. Of all recent roofing technological innovations, AI is the most impressive and the most beneficial to roofing contractors. Interested in harnessing the power of AI for your roofing business? Join SubcontractorHub’s sales enablement platform and get access to the best of the best- a cutting-edge AI design tool with accurate measurements and a variety of edge tools. You’ll never over-order materials again. AI roof design software

3. Solar Shingles

Solar installation with roof replacement is becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners looking to save on their electricity bills. However, technology now allows for a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing way to go solar- solar shingles. These small solar-powered shingles can help homes offset up to 100% of their energy consumption while blending seamlessly into a roof. These shingles can either entirely replace traditional shingle types or can be added as an overlay to an existing roof.

4. Shingle Installing Robots

While AI design software can help reduce the risk associated with climbing on a roof, its benefits lie mostly in cost-cutting and efficiency of sales. However, roofing may be about to get a lot safer thanks to advancements in robotics. Robotic shingle installers can install a variety of shingles, from solar to asphalt. While they cannot work independently without human operators, they significantly reduce the risk of roof-related accidents for roofing contractors and subcontractors across the US.

5. Project Management Software

Project management software for roofing businesses![project management software] is one of the most powerful tools a contractor or subcontractor can have in their arsenal. Whether suffering because of ineffective management strategies or budgeting issues, roofing projects are complex and benefit from streamlined organizational software. Project management software allows businesses to assign and track tasks throughout each stage of a roofing job, improving communication between team members and minimizing costly delays. project management software

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