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When faced with an influx of new customers, proposals and a larger amount of installation projects, it’s smart to consider implementing a sales enablement tool. Using sales enablement software significantly increases your business’s productivity, saves time and money, and reduces the risk of human error that befalls businesses with an ever-growing number of clients. From designing sleek proposals quickly, to efficient client management, here’s why solar contractors should use SubcontractorHub.


Solar contractors spend a lot of time on the design aspect of their proposals. Taking the time to measure a solar installation and compile the data into a comprehensive proposal leaves less time for other aspects of your business such as client management. Imagine if you could squeeze the whole process of designing a solar installation into just a few minutes! That’s where SubcontractorHub’s solar design tool comes in. When you create a new proposal, you’ll automatically enter the solar design tool. From there, you’ll input your client’s address and be led to an aerial view of their roof. Once you have a clear view, draw the boundaries of your solar installation. Solar panels will be automatically added to the design, but you can remove individual solar panels to suit your client’s ideal design. Once you’ve got solar panels on your design, you’ll be able to change the directionality to maximize your client’s solar panel sunlight absorption. You’ll notice that adding or removing solar panels changes the parameters of your solar installation displayed clearly on the sidebar. The sidebar contains information such as solar installation offset percentage, system size, annual production and monthly solar panel performance.

The solar tool doesn’t just simplify design, it also simplifies the compilation of materials. Once your design is complete, you can select the necessary brand of solar panels from the solar recommendation section. We’ve also made it easy to add batteries to an installation. The battery recommendation section calculates the number of batteries your client will need based on the output of their solar panels and the desired rooms or appliances your client wants backup energy for. For example, the recommended amount of batteries will be fewer for a client who only needs battery storage to run their air conditioning and kitchen appliances than for a client who wishes to power multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, AC and laundry rooms. You can of course add or remove batteries as you see fit.


Once you’ve got your design, panels and batteries, you can select adders from the proffered list and proceed to discounts and financing. SubcontractorHub offers solar contractors the unique ability to draw up a proposal with financing, without the client having to find their own path. With a wide range of options from default loan options in the database to API partner loans to custom loans, we have made sure there’s a suitable loan option for any client. Simply choose a loan and it will be added to your proposal details. And that's all! You now have a proposal PDF and contract to send out. And it all took less than five minutes to complete.

Solar contractors can also use SubcontractorHub to streamline their client management efforts. Project management in general is simplified immensely by the all-encompassing dashboard which features information such as monthly revenue, amount of closed deals in the past month and total jobs, to name just a few, each laid out in easy-to-understand graphs. We’ve taken care to ensure that meeting a client’s need to change their initial proposal or contract can be met with the PDF manager. To top it all off, we also offer a sales CRM to help you keep track of your customers and their ongoing or completed projects. You can use this information to really build on your client relationships and make sure you never miss out on an opportunity to make a sale.


Solar contractors who use our software see an immediate increase in the efficiency of their business thanks to our innovative solar tool. While the CRM, dashboard and reports are all extremely valuable features, especially since they can all be accessed within the same software, what really makes SubcontractorHub a boon for solar contractors is the simplicity and ease with which they can draw up proposals.

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