Why Should You Skip Manual Roof Measurements?

As a roofing contractor or construction business owner, you may be searching for more efficient methods to measure a roof. The tried and true method of manual roof measurement is still fairly popular amongst roofers, but the new technological advances in sales enablement are hard to ignore. Businesses have widely started implementing sales enablement and project management technology, and in the roofing industry specifically, sales enablement technology has almost entirely removed the necessity of manual roof measurement. Software such as SubcontractorHub offers roofing construction companies aerial design tools which remove the need to climb up onto customers’ roofs.

But why would roofing contractors want to stop taking manual measurements? The reality is that increased efficiency improves sales for roofing companies. By removing the time necessary to travel out to the location and climb up onto the roof and take the measurements, roofers can speed up their turnaround and see better profit than businesses that stick to traditional methods. So, to remain competitive, turning to technology is any roofing company’s best bet. It’s also worth noting that manual roof measurement is often dangerous and can also be prone to human calculation errors. In this blog post, we will discuss in detail why you should skip manual measurements and adapt to measuring tools for the growth of your roofing business.

Safety Concerns

One of the most important reasons to consider roof measurement tools for your roofing business is the safety of your team because roofers run a high risk of injury while climbing up the ladder and moving around on the roof. Roofing-related accidents can lead to serious injury and occur more often than you think. Sadly, roofers are three times more likely to sustain a fatal accident than any other industry. Implementing an aerial measurement tool can significantly reduce this risk by reducing the time your roofers will have to spend on location.

skip manual roof measurement

SubcontractorHub has a unique AI design tool that provides accurate measurements using aerial imagery technology. Our tool increases speed and accuracy without the need for unnecessary site visits. In a matter of seconds, you can generate an accurate aerial roof measurement report that you can use to create a proposal and engineer your client’s roof design.

Error-Proof Measurement

Accurately measuring the roof is a critical step toward the successful completion of any roofing project. Relying on traditional manual methods to measure roofs may result in human errors in measurement and subsequent calculations of the roof's area, leading to misleading results and material waste. By utilizing SubcontractorHub's roof measurement tool, you can eliminate the possibility of human error and obtain precise measurements quickly.

Boost Your Sales

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When using the manual method of measuring roofs, half of your time is spent on unnecessary site visits and making sure the measurements are accurate, as opposed to closing the deal and growing your business. However, with SubcontractorHub, you get to use an AI roof measurement tool, which gets you accurate measurements without second guessing. Our sales enablement tool ensures you compile your material list quickly, and our proposal builder allows users to build custom proposals that draw customers to sign on the dotted line. Our software helps you speed up your sales process, from measuring roofs to closing deals.

Ditch The Old-Fashioned Tape Measure with SubcontractorHub’s Unique Measuring Tool

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In conclusion, avoiding human error and unnecessary risk is essential for ensuring safety, efficiency, and quality in any industry. By following a few simple steps, such as double-checking work, staying focused, and taking breaks when necessary, roofers can reduce the risk of error. However, if you are still measuring roofs manually, it's time to upgrade to a more efficient and accurate method. With SubcontractorHub, you can ditch the old-fashioned tape measure and take advantage of our advanced technology that streamlines the entire process.

Within just a few clicks, you can get precise measurements and accurate estimates, saving you time and increasing your team’s productivity. Plus, with SubcontractorHub's user-friendly interface, anyone can utilize our software, regardless of their level of experience. Don't let manual methods slow you down or lead to inaccuracies. Join the many contractors who have made the switch to SubcontractorHub and incorporate these strategies and tools into your work so that you can strive towards error-free, low-risk operations.

Upgrade your roofing sales strategy and make the smart choice today.


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