Building Strong Customer Relationships

The construction industry receives more complaints than any other sector. Building strong customer relationships is not impossible, and with the right tools, it is not time-consuming either, contrary to popular opinion. Prioritizing client relationships is an element of sustainable growth and success in the construction industry.

Listen To Feedback

A review and feedback mechanism is a great way to collect data and analyze your customer service approach. By incorporating client feedback, you can improve your customer service tactics to fortifie your relationships with existing clients and establish a solid foundation for developing new connections.

Genuine Service

No matter which industry you look at, it is undeniable that authenticity plays a crucial role in building trust and loyalty among customers. When interacting with clients, keep communication simple so that you do not confuse clients or overshare with information that creates hesitation. Instead, strive to set clear expectations and meet them. It is always better to underpromise and overdeliver than to overpromise and underdeliver.

Fast Service

Delivering efficient services makes customers more likely to recommend your services to others. Customers dislike waiting too long for proposals; they may even switch to a different service provider. Quick service definitely boosts customer happiness, but accelerating processes without sacrificing service quality can be challenging. Technology emerges as the solution, allowing businesses to provide faster solutions without making costly mistakes. A Solar business can boost their productivity and significantly decrease the possibility of project delays by implementing project management tools in their workflow.


Miscommunication and inaccurate data contribute to poor project results, accounting for nearly half of all reworks in the US construction sector. Building timely, precise, enlightening, and effective communication helps nurture good customer relationships. Emails and text messages stand out as the preferred and most efficient ways for solar companies to provide regular updates, ensuring customers stay informed about their project's progress. Solar businesses can use SubcontractorHub to set up a fully customizable customer portal and send out automated SMS and email updates for their solar clients.

Add in our easy automation features for sms and email and our free customizable customer portal

CRM Integrations

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software enables automated syncing of customer information across tools and platforms, helps solar businesses save time, eliminate human error, and reduce issues caused by incorrect data. Businesses that utilize CRM software can quickly access accurate information and as a result, make fewer mistakes, which develops valuable trust in client relationships. Adding to a suite of sales and project management solutions, SubcontractorHub integrates with widely used CRMs such as Zoho, Keap, and Hubspot to increase efficiency and accuracy for solar businesses.

Clear Contract

When dealing with clients, your contracts should be clear and concise. Avoid including hidden charges or unclear pricing structures. Make your clients aware of all fees and charges, prioritizing transparent pricing as an extension of your transparent communication efforts. Your solar clients will appreciate this and will be more likely to sign their contract and recommend your services to their network. For an improved method of generating and distributing contracts, consider giving SubcontractorHub a try. Our platform allows you to share contracts online, limiting the need for manual paperwork and in-person meetings.

High-quality installation

In the ever-changing construction sector, consistently providing services on time is key to fostering enduring and positive connections with clients. Solar businesses must be able to handle complex projects effectively at every point, from compiling material lists to collaborating with team members.`Solar businesses can utilize project management software solutions like SubcontractorHub to plan and execute projects seamlessly, assign and track tasks across multiple offices and locations, and reduce the the possibility of budgeting or timeline errors that negatively impact customer relationships.

execute project seamlessly with subcontractorhub

Build Strong Customer Relationships with SubcontractorHub

Building strong customer relationships in the solar industry requires a multi-faceted approach, from delivering genuine assistance for customers to prioritizing transparency in all communication and ensuring fast error-free services. The great news is, improving your solar customer relationship approach becomes straightforward with the help of SubcontractorHub’s platform. Leverage features for faster sales and effective project management, such as smooth CRM integrations, automatic SMS and email notifications, and comprehensive project oversight, you can provide superior solar services and cultivate meaningful customer connections. Ready to see how SubcontractorHub can revolutionize customer relationships for solar businesses? Book a demo now!


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